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Experience the ultimate in relaxation and well-being with Be Well Hot Tubs, your premier choice for high-end, portable spas. As an exclusive dealer, we bring you the finest range of spas entirely manufactured in Quebec, Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Be Well Hot Tubs are designed by a team of expert engineers who blend unparalleled aesthetic and technical expertise to create the perfect spa experience.


Be Well Hot Tubs offers three distinct ranges of spas, catering to your unique needs, space, and budget. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor model, Be Well guarantees total satisfaction with each purchase. Our dedicated services and extensive selection of spa products and accessories ensure you can enjoy your wellness sessions to the fullest, without any hassle. Prioritize your relaxation and indulge in the luxury of a Be Well Hot Tub, delivered promptly and ready for you to unwind and rejuvenate.

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Original Series

With a very robust design and a high level of quality and finish, the Originale series has been designed to allow everyone to enjoy a high-quality spa.  quality at a very attractive price. 

Executive Series

All the know-how in terms of quality, innovation and design of our engineers is concentrated here. Thought out and designed on our production lines by passionate people who want to give meaning to the word perfection.

Fiji Series

A spa with an impressive level of massage equipment makes this series a spa of unparalleled power with an awesome design.

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